Monday, 21 December 2015

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Best Portable Charger 

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With smartphones getting more feature-rich every day, they become more and more indispensable companions of our everyday life. Regardless of the brand or operating system of our phone, we all have one thing in common: "Our batteries never hold enough power." No matter if you own an iPhone, a Samsung's Galaxy or any other phone, you probably can't get through a single day without recharging your phone and you wish you had a bigger battery. And if you are using a tablet on the go, when your battery shows the dreaded 20% you not only have to start looking for a power outlet, but as soon as you find one, you are "grounded". The good news is: You are not alone and there is a solution to this quite common problem. The solution is: a portable charger aka. a power bank. As its name suggests the device function is quite simple: Store power when available and provide a charge for your portable device when a wall or a car outlet is not available. In recent years, thanks to the power connector standardization, manufacturers were able to build relatively universal external portable power banks that can be used by most of our power hungry devices, besides smartphones and tablets they can be used by digital cameras, camcorders, portable speakers and many other device that can use a standard USB port as a power source. And they are not your old external emergency battery, the best power chargers can charge your phone as fast as wall chargers and sometimes even flipkart snapdeal amazon paytm shopclues askmebazaar myntra
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